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In need of a knowledge boost or a complete introduction in the world of Mobility IT?

We are here for you!

Haia Academy provides training and courses in retail IT, covering both the technology as well as the business aspect.

Our training programme is focused on providing participants the foundation to work confidently in retail IT e.g. understanding the business operational model, daily site operations, and commonly used site systems, applications, and terminology in this industry.


With over 20 years of experience in the mobililty retail IT industry, Haia is able to provide unrivalled insight into the market.


To leverage the experience from Haia Consultancy, Haia has recently introduced ‘Haia Academy’, focused on sharing knowledge and providing courses.


Let us train or onboard your employees! 

Inefficiency due to a lack of knowledge can be very expensive. Not onboarding employees correctly or in a timely fashion makes them not as efficient as they could be (e.g. mistakes or delays in a project). Empower and motivate your employees by letting them follow a course at Haia Academy to fully understand the complex world of mobility.


Our courses are tailored to fit your needs. 

Not only do we offer training, we can also offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions to help you grow or to help you tackle that one specifically tough project or question.

Let's work together!

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