Where it all started

After finishing his bachelor degree, micro electronics system design in ‘97, Michel Hinfelaar started as a consultant at CMG (later merged into Logica/CGI). Gaining experience in different markets sectors, mostly with large international companies in different technical roles.




His first experience in the petrol retailing market dates back to 2001 at ExxonMobil followed by Shell in 2003. In 2005 he started at BP and stayed there for over 10 years. Since then he is one of the key technical project leaders in the European petrol station sector.


In October 2007 he started as a freelancer and founded Haia Consultancy. One year later the firm transformed into a Ltd. company to enable growth.


During this period Michel worked on various site systems related projects for BP.
On of these involved the introduction of a new indoor payment terminal and guide it through the EMV and contactless certification process with various European payment acquirers.
Another project had to do with the replacement of a legacy POS, BOS and HOS system by a new and market conform platform. For this, Haia was involved in the RFP process and the planning and execution phases as technical lead.


After ten years of working and running various site systems related projects across Europe, Haia ended the contract with BP. A new client was found with VARO Energy and for them Haia ran a project to merge the site systems and backoffice systems of their various brands into one.


Shell knocked on our door for a project in digital innovation and artificial intelligence on CCTV footage. Later, Hai ran their site systems replacement project for the UK market. We also hired a freelancer (business analyst) for a period of six months.


We hired two permanent employees this period and, contracted a new customer; FillnDrive and started a collaboration with Gilbarco Veeder-Root. Besides that, we opened a virtual office in Madrid and contracted two freelancers. One in Spain (Madrid) and one in Portugal. For Shell we are involved in the construction of a Hydrogen filling station.

After 15 years haia is still ambitious and moving forward.